Educating and Inspiring the Next Generation

Once the movie is complete, this page will include educational resources for parents and educators to help teach the story of D-Day and instill a passion for history with the young people in their lives.

Discover some of the other educational programs that the WWII Veterans History Project has to offer...


Focused on Education

At the WWII Veterans History Project our mission is to help educate the next generation about history, veterans, compassion, generosity, strength, bravery, and giving back, while encouraging young people to find their passion and create a voice for themselves.


Speaking Engagements

Have Benjamin Mack-Jackson, the founder of the WWII Veterans History Project, inspire your students and educate them about WWII, history, and giving back to their community through a speaking engagement at your location.

WWII Veterans History Project Museum in a Box

Museum in a Box

Kids become museum curators with a footlocker box full of REAL artifacts from WWII. Gloves are included so the kids can actually pick up the items while learning about handling museum artifacts, and each piece has an identification card to teach them about the item and cool facts about how and why it was used during WWII.