Benjamin Mack-Jackson, Director/Producer


Benjamin Mack-Jackson is the director and producer of Normandy Revisited and the founder of the nonprofit organization WWII Veterans History Project. He dedicates his time to preserving the memories of the Greatest Generation and educating future generations about the importance of history and remembering the past. Over the past four years he has preserved the stories of hundreds of WWII veterans through video interviews and artifact preservation.

Myra Miller, Lead Researcher


Myra Miller, PhD, is an educator, researcher, and author who resides in St. Louis, Missouri. She is a world-class specialist in military research. In 2017, Miller formed her own company, Footsteps Researchers, to research and study the lives and deaths of  WWII soldiers. In addition to National Archives research services, Footsteps Researchers offers international battlefield tours to take families to the places where their loved ones served.

Marco Eradus, Historian and Drone Cinematographer


Marco Eradus lives in the Southern part of the Netherlands and has always been fascinated by the stories his grandfather told him about WWII. He joined the Dutch Army when he was 17 and became an Infantry drill instructor. For the past 20 years he has worked as a supervising Lieutenant with the Dutch National Police. In his spare time, he runs a company for drone solutions and is a police advisor for film productions.

Joey van Meesen, Military Historian


Joey van Meesen is a military historian and videographer based in the Netherlands. He specializes in archival material of the US military during WWII, and has worked on several international documentary projects as a researcher and historical consultant. He currently serves as Strategic Advisor in Communications and Marketing for the province of Gelderland and is working on a 75th Anniversary commemoration of the liberation of his country.

Sela Roth, Film Assistant


Sela Roth is a 16-year-old student who lives in St. Louis, Missouri. She is a Junior at Thomas Jefferson School and enjoys playing sports, singing, and cooking. She is especially interested in WWII because of the relatives that she lost in the Holocaust. Sela is part of the team traveling to France to assist with the production of Normandy Revisited.

Bob Konings, Tour Guide


Bob Konings is a Battle of the Bulge researcher and tour guide and lives on the former battlefields in the Ardennes forest in Belgium. He has an interest in the Manhay sector, the Joachim Peiper route, and the Hotton-La Roche sector. In 2017, with help from the Footsteps Researchers team, he identified the downed B-24 bomber “King Size” that crashed in the nearby village of La Fosse. He and his family also run a guesthouse in Grandménil, Belgium.